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Choosing which service to apply through

During the 2019/20 and 2020/21 recruitment cycles, providers can offer training courses through UCAS Teacher Training and/or Apply.

At the start of the transition period, most courses will only be available through UCAS, but some regions will have SCITTs offering courses across both services (a situation that is often referred to as ‘dual running’).

This obviously adds confusion to an already complex process, so we should help candidates understand which service is best suited to their needs.

User needs

As a candidate
I need to easily understand whether to use Apply or UCAS for my application
So that I can choose the service that suits me best.

As a candidate
I need to know which apply service(s) my chosen course(s) is available on
So that I don’t waste time filling out an application that I can’t submit.

As a candidate
I need to know that I can apply for three courses across both services
So that I understand my options.

As a candidate who’s choices are on Apply
I need to know that I should use Apply
So that I can submit my application more easily


Starting an application journey from the start page

If a candidate starts their application journey from the start page, they could complete the application before choosing a course, only to discover that it’s not available on Apply.

  • If we include a link to providers available on Apply to the start page
    Then candidates can see if their chosen course is available on Apply.

  • If we add dual running guidance to this list of available providers
    Then candidates will be better understand what their options are.

  • If we add a page that recommends making course choices before completing other sections of the application
    Then candidates won’t feel they’ve wasted their time entering information into a service they can’t use.

Application journey from Find

If a candidate starts (or continues) their application journey from ‘Find for postgraduate teacher training’, then we show them an interstitial page explaining the two options, and ask them to choose which service they would like to use.

  • If we clearly state the reasons why you might want to use each service
    Then candidates will be better able to make an informed choice.

  • If we make the options on this interstitial page radio buttons
    Then candidates will see that they have two options.

  • If we skip this intertitial page for users already signed into Apply, and show a confirmation page instead
    Then candidates won’t be asked to make the same choice over and over again.

Redirecting candidates (back) to Find

If a candidate hasn’t chosen a course yet, we direct them to use Find. However, users are then not able to navigate back to Apply, and potential face the challenge of being caught in a loop.

  • If we open the link to Find in a new window
    Then candidates will be able to keep their location on Apply.

Redirecting candidates to UCAS

If a candidate selects a course that isn’t available on Apply, we tell them that the service isn’t ready for them yet.

  • If we direct candidates to a page that tells them they need to apply for this course on UCAS (and show the provider and course codes they will need)
    Then candidates won’t feel like they’ve reached a dead end.

User journey

User journey flow diagram

Start page#

Screenshot of Start page

With an additional link pointing users to the list of available providers.

Training providers available through Apply#

Screenshot of Training providers available through Apply

With additional guidance about the two services.

We suggest you choose a course first#

Screenshot of We suggest you choose a course first

We encourage new users coming from the start page to choose a course before continuing with the rest of their application.

You need to apply on UCAS#

Screenshot of You need to apply on UCAS

If a course is not available on Apply, we should direct candidates to UCAS.

Apply for this course#

Screenshot of Apply for this course

Updated interstitial that makes the two different options clearer.

You selected a course#

Screenshot of You selected a course

If a candidate coming from Find is already signed in, we should take them to a page confirming their course choice.

Find a course#

Screenshot of Find a course

The link to Find should open in a new window.