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Application dashboard

How the dashboard looked at different stages of an application as of March 2020.

Each state shows a different generated application, with between 1 and 3 choices. Any given state could show up to 3 choices.

Awaiting references#

Screenshot of Awaiting references

The candidate submits their application choices with a list of referees. Until 2 references have been received all applications remain in the Awaiting references state. The providers don’t see the application at this stage

Waiting to be sent#

Screenshot of Waiting to be sent

The references have come back and have been added to the application. Candidates are allowed a cooling-off period of 5 days to modify their application before it’s sent to providers. They can’t modify the references.

Pending decision from provider#

Screenshot of Pending decision from provider

Providers only see the application after the references have come back and have been added to the application and 5 days have elapsed for the candidate to review and modify the application. When both of these prerequisites are met the application moves to the Awaiting provider decision state.

Offer made (pending decision from candidate)#

Screenshot of Offer made (pending decision from candidate)

The provider has made an offer to the candidate. The candidate has to accept or reject the offer, which sets the application status to ‘Pending conditions’. We assume that all offers have some conditions, even if there are no academic conditions.

Provider rejected#

Screenshot of Provider rejected

The provider has rejected the candidate’s application

Candidate accepted offer pending conditions#

Screenshot of Candidate accepted offer pending conditions

Provider is waiting for the candidate to prove that they have met the conditions

Candidate declined offer#

Screenshot of Candidate declined offer

The candidate has declined the offer

Candidate met conditions (recruited)#

Screenshot of Candidate met conditions (recruited)

When the provider confirms that the offer conditions have been met, the application is marked ‘recruited’

Conditions of offer not met#

Screenshot of Conditions of offer not met

The candidate did not meet the conditions set out in the offer

Provider has withdrawn offer#

Screenshot of Provider has withdrawn offer

Candidate enrolled#

Screenshot of Candidate enrolled

Once the candidate has completed the enrolment process, the provider confirms their enrolment onto the training programme. Since this status would be used to claim bursaries/grants from DfE, the provider may delay enrolling the trainee until a few weeks after the start of the training, since trainees can still not show up on the first day or drop out within the first couple of weeks. This reduces the risk that DfE over-pays that provider for training they didn’t deliver and has to reconcile later on. The candidate’s HESA equality monitoring information is made available to the provider.

Candidate has withdrawn all their choices#

Screenshot of Candidate has withdrawn all their choices

If the candidate withdraws an application in progress it moves to the Withdrawn (end) state

Details of offer#

Screenshot of Details of offer

Are you sure you want to accept this offer?#

Screenshot of Are you sure you want to accept this offer?

Are you sure you want to decline this offer?#

Screenshot of Are you sure you want to decline this offer?